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Our real stories have been submitted by real people who have recovered and want to share their experiences to provide hope to others that recovery is possible.

We review all stories submitted to us to ensure they don’t contain potentially triggering content. However, as these are personal reflections of experiences with eating disorders – and sometimes other mental health issues – posts may contain themes, topics, and descriptions that you may find difficult or upsetting to read. Please do put your own wellbeing first and if you are feeling vulnerable, scroll past, return another day, or access our support services.

Kate’s story

Kate’s story

My name is Kate and I am 34 years old. I first developed anorexia when I was 20/21. Since then it has been living with me like a twin. I am fully aware of the anorexia. I do not try to conceal it, and although my mind has not healed completely, I can cope with it much better than before.

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If you have lived experience of an eating disorder or eating distress, whether personally or having supported a loved one, why not share your experience and use your voice to support others who may be going through a difficult time by sharing your story?

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