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The NHS 2019 Health Survey found that 16% of adults (in England alone) screened positive for a possible eating disorder(1). With only 11,000 of those affected accessing care, many more are hidden – and may be amongst your staff, or within their families.

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. In fact, eating disorders carry the highest mortality risk of all mental health disorders; often due to health complications, such as organ failure, or suicide.

The annual cost to UK employers of absence and presenteeism due to mental health is estimated to be £42 – £45 billion, an increase of 16% since 2017(2). With mental health high on the public agenda, there has never been a better time to add your company’s support and commitment to positive mental health for everyone.

Let’s work together to make a meaningful impact on those affected by eating disorders.

We work with companies that choose to support the work that we do. By partnering with Talk ED, you will be directly helping people struggling with an eating disorder ensuring no-one has to go through it alone, and most importantly that they have the support, knowledge and tools to work towards a sustained recovery.

“Thank you for enabling me to talk things through, I think I know now what I need to do.”

We also want to help you and your colleagues to understand more about eating disorders in the workplace and how you can support staff that may be affected.  We would love to discuss creating a bespoke partnership.  Benefits for your organisation include:

  • Improved knowledge and awareness about eating disorders; we’ll help you to start the conversation about eating disorders in the workplace and challenge the stigma associated with mental health conditions
  • Talk ED support services for any of your staff that may be affected by an eating disorder, whether personally or within their family
  • Motivated and supported employees; increased staff satisfaction
    and retention
  • Being linked to a national charity with a cause that is increasing in profile – increased public awareness for your brand with opportunities for positive corporate social responsibility
  • Making a real and tangible difference to people affected by these devastating mental illnesses

Ways in which you can support us


Project funding

If you would like to sponsor specific areas of our work such as an interactive workshop, webinar, producing information and resources, or even funding a bursary to enable someone in need to access a course of counselling sessions free of charge, we are happy to discuss current opportunities.

£5,000 could fund a peer support team member to provide personalised support one day per week for 12 months.

£3,500 could enable us to develop a new e-course or workshop to inform and empower the eating disorder community.

£1,200 could provide a bursary for 12 people to access our four-week interactive recovery workshop.

Make a corporate donation

Giving a corporate donation to Talk ED towards our vital work means that you can claim tax relief by deducting the amount donated from pre-tax profits at the end of the financial year.

Pro-bono services/skills donation

As a small team we are grateful for any pro-bono support that companies can give. Providing services or sharing your skills either as a one-off or an ongoing capacity plays a big part in supporting our work. We are particularly looking for:

-Digital tools e.g., CRM, video and podcast production
-SEO, social media strategy, planning and production
-Media outreach and PR

Charity of the year

Why not choose Talk ED as your Charity of the Year? In 12 months, your company could make a big difference to the people that we support.

Employee fundraising

Employee fundraising is a fantastic way to engage your colleagues, why not get the whole company involved in a fundraising event, or put together a team to take part in a challenge? You could also offer match funding for any staff who wish to fundraise for Talk ED.

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving also known as Give as you Earn (GAYE), is a way for employees to make a regular donation to charity through their wages or pension without paying tax on it. If you would like to discuss a partnership with Talk ED or hear more about our work, please get in touch.

Real talk

Read Dani’s suggestions on how employers can support colleagues that might be struggling with eating disorders at work.

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1. NHS Digital (2020). Health survey for England 2019 – eating disorders report. https://files.digital.nhs.uk/30/533217/HSE19-Eating-disorders-rep.pdf

2. Deloitte. (2020). Mental health and employers – refreshing the case for investment. Downloaded from: