Meet our peer support team

Our small, experienced, and caring peer team works hard to improve the lives of people affected by eating disorders.

With personal experience of recovery or supporting a loved one through recovery, we will meet you wherever you are in your journey. Our peer support team can provide reassurance and emotional support while focussing on practical guidance and strategies to help you move forward.

Talk to our peer support team

Talk with Belinda

Nutritional guidance 1:1 support calls every Tuesday
and nutritional coaching every Wednesday


With personal experience of recovery from an eating disorder spanning many years, Belinda offers food and nutrition focussed support to anyone struggling with an eating disorder and to those caring for or supporting someone else. After recovering, she qualified as a nutritional therapist with a desire to specialise in supporting people with eating disorders.

Belinda also facilitates our peer support group for people with eating disorders every other Tuesday morning.

Talk with Joanna

1:1 support calls every Monday & Tuesday


Joanna’s daughter was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 14 which developed into bulimia during her recovery. Joanna also had an eating disorder herself for many years. As a parent with lived experience, she can offer support and understanding to those caring for someone with an eating disorder, offering practical strategies and coping techniques. Joanna was previously a qualified nurse and midwife, and more recently an SEN teaching assistant.

Joanna also faciliates our peer support group for family and friends of those with eating disorders every other Tuesday evening.

Talk with Mel

1:1 support calls every Wednesday & Friday


Having previously experienced her own difficulties around food and eating, Mel knows how important it was for her to have someone to talk to, who could truly understand.

With over five years of advanced training in counselling and psychotherapy, and as a parent of three children, Mel offers support and signposting to anyone struggling with an eating disorder, or supporting someone else through one.

Talk with Claire

1:1 support calls every other Friday


As a registered nurse, Claire has experience caring for patients with an eating disorder in a medical setting including the eating disorder ward at the Maudsley Hospital in London.

Claire has been supporting people with eating disorders for over five years, and often uses her medical training to guide people towards the clinical help they may need.


What you can expect when you contact us

  • A safe space in which to talk to people who have a professional and personal understanding of eating disorders.
  • A service where you feel able to speak openly about your concerns, knowing that the information is treated confidentially.
  • Reassurance and emotional support with a focus on practical guidance and strategies to help you move forward.
  • An understanding of the services we offer and the additional help and resources we can provide.
  • Signposting to other organisations and support services.
  • Read our charter which includes our terms of use.

Your privacy

We take your confidentiality very seriously and aim to create a trusting relationship between service users and staff. Your personal details are not shared with third parties unless consent has been given, and only on a ‘need to know’ basis. Exceptions to this are detailed in our confidentiality policy and are made only where there is a potential risk to the service user or others and/or where required by law.