First Steps to Recovery is Talk ED’s introductory course for anyone contemplating recovery from an eating disorder or eating distress. It has been developed with the help of people with lived experience of recovery from eating disorders.

The course is self-guided and can be worked on at your own pace. Journal prompts throughout the course give you the opportunity to self-reflect and really think about your own recovery – what it is, what it isn’t, and what it means for you.  

Cost: £15

CPD Training for Professionals

Introduction to Eating Disorders

Whilst eating disorders are complex, understanding the clinical presentations can help promote early interventions and prevention, which is why our ‘Introduction to Eating Disorders’ CPD-accredited training was developed. This foundation course offers delegates a greater understanding of eating disorders, the signs and symptoms to look out for, as well as an insight into recovery. 

Cost: £49

Body Image and Perception

Our ‘Body Image and Perception’ CPD accredited training offers delegates a deeper understanding of the relationship an individual has with their body and how that relationship can impact them throughout their lifetime. Together we will discuss the risk factors of developing a negative body image and supporting strategies that can be implemented to offer support in any sector and setting.

Cost: £49