Share your story

We believe that sharing real recovery stories is a powerful way to provide hope to others and raise awareness about the issues and challenges facing those affected by eating disorders. If you have recovered yourself, or have supported a loved one with their recovery, we would love to hear from you.

By sharing your own personal experience you can make a difference by:

  • Helping others currently struggling to know that they are not alone
  • Providing hope to people struggling, and those who care for them, that recovery is possible
  • Raising awareness of eating disorders, and dispelling the stigma and misconceptions
  • Encouraging people to get in touch with Talk ED for support, we are here to help
  • Inspiring people to donate and fundraise for Talk ED, enabling us to continue providing our vital services

Writing your story for our website

If you would like to share a written account (around 750 words) of your recovery story we would love to hear from you. It doesn’t need to be too formal, just use your own voice. Here are some suggestions of what to include:

  • Your first name (we understand if you would prefer to be anonymous, please let us know and we will change your name).
  • Which eating disorder(s) you/your loved one had, and the age when it started.
  • What led to the development of the eating disorder (if you feel comfortable sharing this).
  • What type of treatment you or your loved one received.
  • What made you/your loved one want to recover, any challenges faced.
  • Anything/anyone that played a significant part in recovery.
  • How you/your loved one continue to stay in sustained recovery.
  • What your/your loved one’s recovery means to you, and any hopes and plans for the future.
  • What’s the best advice you’ve received on your journey to recovery?
  • What advice or practical tips would you give to someone struggling to recover?

Important: please avoid mentioning anything that might be triggering or distressing to someone currently struggling with an eating disorder, such as weight, BMI, clothes size, calories, or in-depth details of specific habits and behaviours.  You are welcome to submit a recent photograph of yourself to accompany your story (this is optional, but really helps to highlight that this is a real lived experience).

Hayley’s story – Recovery is possible at any age

Sophie’s story – Living a life I only ever dreamed of

Our new video series: Let’s talk eating disorders

If you would like to take part in a video interview over Zoom with a member of our team, please get in touch. We will have a chat with you beforehand about your story and the questions we will ask, and make sure that you feel comfortable before recording. We will send you a copy of the video for approval before publishing.

If you’d like to share your story, or have any questions, please get in touch.

Please note that by sharing your story, you agree that Talk ED can use it on our website, social media channels and in other materials as appropriate for the purpose of helping others affected by eating disorders. We reserve the right to edit to suit the format required but will send any changes to you for approval before publishing.

Are you worried that you, or a loved one may have an eating disorder? Our Peer Support Team have lived experiences of eating disorders and recovery.

To talk to someone who understands, book a 1:1 support call, we’re here to help.

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