Support services

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder or any form of eating distress, you deserve help. We are here for you.


We know how difficult it can be to reach out and ask for help. You may have lots of questions, or need to share your worries and concerns for yourself or someone you care about; you may have only just realised that you have a problem with food or eating, or you may have been struggling for a number of years.

Wherever you, or your loved one is in their journey, talk to us. We have a range of services to help.

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1:1 support calls

Our 1:1 support calls via telephone, video or online chat provide a safe space for you to ask questions and share your concerns for either yourself or a loved one.

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Nutritional guidance support calls

1:1 zoom calls with our in-house nutritional therapist focussing on food and nutrition as part of the recovery process.

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Peer support groups

Our online peer support groups are safe, non-judgmental spaces to share concerns, questions and discuss recovery focussed coping strategies. We offer a group for those affected personally and another for parents/carers.

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We offer longer term one-to-one peer recovery support by matching a person who has recovered with an adult (18+) currently working through recovery. Support is offered weekly for six months.

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Supporting someone with an eating disorder

From the signs and symptoms to look out for, to understanding how to talk to someone you are concerned about, we offer guidance and suggestions.

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First Steps to Recovery workshops and e-course

Led by a transformational coach with lived experience, our online workshops are for those contemplating recovery and wanting to explore this with a small group over four weekly sessions. We also offer a self-guided e-course with journal prompts to encourage thinking about what recovery could look like for you.

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Published books

We have a small selection of self-help publications available to order.