Setting up a fundraising page

So, you’ve decided on your fundraising activity or event and now it’s time to set up an online fundraising page. The good news is it’s quick and simple to do! Here’s four steps to setting up your fundraising page.

Step 1. Choose your platform

There are many different providers you can choose from. We have listed a few of the most popular below – just click on the name of your chosen provider to set up your page directly:

Step 2. Personalise your page

It’s now time to add the details of your event or activity, any key dates, other people involved, your fundraising target and of course your ‘story’. Here’s where you describe your reasons for supporting us and how donations will support out work. We know it may feel tricky to get this bit right, so we’ve added a few pointers below to get you started.

Think about the how, why and what
Why have you chosen to support Talk ED – is there something about our work that you are drawn to, or perhaps we’ve supported you or a loved one in the past. Sharing your personal reasons for supporting us will really help, however please do only share whatever you feel comfortable talking about publicly. Note: if you are talking about a friend or loved one and their experience of an eating disorder, please ensure you have agreed that with them first.

Explain what you’ll be doing
Whatever your activity or challenge, tell people exactly what will be involved. Will there be training, or preparation required in the lead up for example, will there be others on the team helping you? Explaining the complexity (or simplicity) of it will really help bring it to life for your supporters and demonstrate your motivation and commitment.

Tell people how the money you raise will help
This is really important. Helping people to see the direct impact their donations will have on those affected by eating disorders is powerful. Here’s a few points you are welcome to add in:

£10 funds one session of personalised 1:1 support via telephone or video call.

£100 could help someone to take the first steps towards recovery by taking part in our new interactive workshop series.

£20 funds one place on our online peer support groups helping those affected personally and their family and friends to feel less isolated, more supported and understood.

£5,000 enables a peer support team member to provide personalised support one day per week for 12 months.

Donations may also go to supporting our other services and work including: 

  • Our befriending service
  • Funding bursaries for our recovery focused online courses and other resources
  • Subsidising nutritional support and guidance during recovery

Step 3. Thank your supporters

An obvious one but also an easy one to forget! Add a thank you at the end of your page along with a link to our website so they can find out more about us (www.talk-ed.org.uk). And finally, set up a personalised thank you message for every donation. Most fundraising platforms give you this option – just add your message and they’ll send it automatically for you each time a donation is received.

And that’s it you’re all set!

Step 4. Paying in your fundraising

One of the major benefits of using an online platform to manage donations is that all the monies raised are sent directly to us and you need do nothing more.

However, if you also receive offline donations, you can also pay those directly into our charity bank account.

Please remember to get in touch once you’ve done it so we know who the donations have come from and we can thank you! Please include:

  • your first and last name
  • name the transaction will appear under, if different from above
  • name and date of your fundraising event/activity
  • total amount paid in

Our bank account details:
CAF Bank | Sort Code: 40-52-40 | Account No: 00024946

By cheque
You can also send a cheque, made payable to Talk ED, to: Talk ED, Saville Court, 10-11 Saville Place, Bristol, BS8 4EJ. Please include a note with your name, contact details, event name and date.

Got a question?
No problem – just get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.