Pip’s Place Online

Pip’s Place Online is a full day of Talk ED support every Tuesday, made possible by the fundraising of the family and friends of Pip McManus.

Pip McManus sadly took her own life in 2015 when she was just 15 years old after spending her last three years fighting against anorexia nervosa, malnutrition, depression and self-harm. Whenever she was able, she tried to help others suffering from similar conditions. The wish of Pip’s loved ones is for her good work to be continued through Pip’s Place Online, offering peer-led support to people affected by these totally devastating illnesses. They hope that by raising money for this much-needed support to be provided, Pip’s legacy will continue to help people struggling with eating disorders, as she tried to do while she was alive.

Pip’s Place Online is run by Talk ED’s experienced peer support staff in Pip’s memory, every Tuesday. It offers recovery-focussed 1:1 nutritional guidance support via zoom, and online peer support groups for people living with an eating disorder, as well as a peer support group for family and friends of people struggling with eating disorders.

These services are free of charge and can be booked using the links below. Anyone affected by any eating disorder is welcome to access our support.

How to book support

Nutritional guidance 1:1 calls

Nutritional guidance 1:1 support calls are available with Talk ED’s in-house nutritional therapist, Belinda, who struggled with eating disorders herself for many years before recovering. Belinda aims to support people to build a better relationship with food and their bodies, and qualified in nutritional therapy after her own recovery, with a desire to support people with eating disorders.

What to expect from your call

Nutritional guidance support takes place online via zoom and call aims to focus on food and nutrition as part of your recovery process (or the recovery process of a loved one). In the call, you are welcome to ask questions and clear up any confusion around food, food groups and eating in general.

You may be asked about where you are in the recovery process, what you’re eating during an average day and in what quantities. You may also receive some suggestions on how to make small, manageable and achievable changes or additions to support the recovery process. Anxieties around making these changes may also be addressed during these sessions.

Please note that we can not offer this service to anyone already working with a registered dietitian.

Book a nutritional guidance 1:1 support call
Tuesdays, 9am – 5pm

Peer support groups

Our peer support groups offer a safe space to share your experiences, to learn more about recovery and take away tips and practical strategies to help you move forward or support your loved one. 

We offer two peer support groups on alternate Tuesdays, one for individuals (if you are struggling with an eating disorder yourself) and one for those who care for someone struggling (parents, carers, partners, other family members or friends). The groups are facilitated by Belinda (individuals peer group) who has lived experience of eating disorders and recovery, and Joanna (carers peer group) who supported her daughter through recovery from an eating disorder which developed in her teens. 

What happens in a typical session?

Sessions take place online via zoom. Your group facilitator will introduce themselves and how the session will run that day. You’ll be invited to check in and share how you’re doing and what challenges or successes you’ve had recently. The conversation often unfolds from here and everyone is welcome to share their experiences (as much as they feel comfortable sharing) and resources. You’ll also be invited to ask questions, and sometimes the facilitator may ask questions to the group or raise a subject to talk about.

By booking a place on one of our support groups you confirm that you agree to abide by our code of conduct for the safeguarding of yourself and fellow group participants.

 Book a place in the individuals peer group

10am – 11.30am every other Tuesday

 Book a place in the family, friends and carers peer group

7pm – 8pm every other Tuesday

Your Privacy

Our support services are confidential, and our peer support team aim to create a trusting relationship with you. Your personal details will never be shared with third parties unless consent has been given, and only on a ‘need to know’ basis. Exceptions to this are detailed in our confidentiality policy and are made only where there is a potential risk to you or others, and/or where required by law.


Can you help us to continue providing this vital service?

Donations can be made via the JustGiving fundraising page for Pip’s Place Online.
All donations will directly help us to be there for people who need us so that no-one has to go through
what Pip and her family and friends did.

Thank you so much for your support.

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, thank you for the reassurance.”

“I have been feeling very alone. It’s so good to be able to express my worries about my son out loud.”

“It’s the first time I’ve spoken so openly about this.  I’m so glad I found your support as it’s been really helpful.”