Code of conduct for our peer support groups

To ensure our peer-led support groups remain a safe and inclusive space for participants to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and challenges, we ask all those booking a place agree to our code of conduct:

  • For those attending the ‘individuals’ group, please do not use potentially triggering terminology such as talking about weight, clothing sizes, calories etc.
  • Please be kind towards others during conversations. Discriminatory comments on the grounds of race, gender, identity or religion, or any other nature, will not be tolerated.
  • Please respect others when they are talking by giving your attention and not interrupting.
  • Please remember that everyone will have a unique experience of an eating disorder, and although their experience may differ to your own, all contributions and thoughts are valid.
  • Please do not give advice to others unless they say they’d like to receive it.
  • Please respect the privacy of all group members. The confidentiality agreement will be explained by the moderator at the start of each session.
  • Please bear in mind participants are under no obligation to share if they don’t want to – they are more than welcome to just listen to others and share if and when they are ready.
  • Please make sure to look after yourself and if you are not feeling good about the conversation, raise a hand in the Zoom room and someone will write to you in the chat box.
  • Please do not share any personally identifying information with the group, such as telephone numbers, email addresses or social media profiles.
  • Please do not promote commercial products or services, personal blogs, websites, or apps.
  • The groups will be moderated by a Talk ED team member, who may be assisted by a trained volunteer. They reserve the right to remove anyone from the session if they are not adhering to these guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you at a group and hope you find it helpful. For questions, or to give us feedback, please get in touch.

Updated: February 2022.