NEW: Support group for parents and carers

Are you a parent or carer looking to connect with others who experience similar worries and challenges?

We have a four-session online skills-based support group designed for those caring for someone with an eating disorder. Sessions take place each month and take place over four weeks in an evening.

Each group is closed after the first session so that attendees can feel safe in sharing their experiences within a positive peer group environment. The hope is that the group will create a community of support, encouragement and information sharing, with the option to continue receiving support through our therapy or befriending services.

Sessions follow the Maudsley Approach, alongside the concerns and challenges brought to the sessions by those attending.

Book your place

Please note that this link will take you through to our partner site www.firststepsed.co.uk where you can learn more and/or make a referral. This is open to anyone worried about, or caring for someone affected by any eating difficulty or disorder who would like to meet others and share experiences. Our team will find a group that meets your needs, whether that be early intervention, ARFID support or a course for parents supporting a loved one with a long-standing eating disorder.

Make a donation

This service is currently provided free of charge. If you are able to make a small donation to help us to continue providing our vital services, we would very much appreciate your support.

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Your privacy

Our support services are confidential, and our team aims to create a trusting relationship with you. Your personal details will never be shared with third parties unless consent has been given, and only on a ‘need to know’ basis. Exceptions to this are detailed in our confidentiality policy and are made only where there is a potential risk to you or others and/or where required by law.