We are Talk ED

And we’re here to open up more conversations about eating disorders.

We’re excited to finally reveal our brand new name, identity and website. Over the past year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make some big changes and now it’s time to share them with you all!

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Take a look around the website and discover new features including Real Talk, a platform for people to share blogs, tips, and real recovery stories to provide hope and inspiration for others, our expanded resources on different eating disorders, plus ways to get involved as a Talk ED volunteer or contributor.

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Why we changed our name

Read the story behind our new name, logo and branding including how we worked alongside those we support, eating disorder community professionals, and our staff and volunteers to decide on our new name.

What does this mean for you?

Only good things! We’re the same organisation and the same dedicated team, and our services remain unaffected. You’ll still speak to the same compassionate and supportive team, and we’ll continue to look for ways to add to our services wherever possible.

What’s next?

This is just the start. As Talk ED we aim to be much bolder and have a louder voice for people with an eating disorder, empowering them to get the care they deserve.

We want to improve our resources in the area of prevention, recognition, and early intervention; help with the fight for better training and service provision; normalise conversations about eating disorders, and to explore ways to collaborate more.

There is much to do, however we are a small but determined team! We hope you’ll come with us on the journey. Together our voices are so much stronger. Together we can drive change.

We’re Talk ED and we’re here to talk eating disorders.

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Learn more about Talk ED

Discover more about Talk ED, our vision, and how we work to support people affected by eating disorders and their loved ones.