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Resisting new year detoxes and diets

Every year we see a huge push in January towards ‘detoxing’, dieting and ‘getting back into shape’. If you struggle with an eating disorder, being bombarded with this type of messaging can feel triggering and uncomfortable. Here, we share some pointers to support you…

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What to expect at a Talk ED peer support group

We really believe in the power of peer support. We run two fortnightly peer support groups – one for people affected personally, and another for family, friends and loved ones. Groups are moderated by a member of our Talk ED team, providing consistency, expertise and gentle guidance. Here’re more about what to expect in a session.

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Preparing for the winter season

As autumn is now fully upon us and the days are shorter, some of us may struggle more at this time of year. There are some important steps that we can take to try to bolster our state of mind, body and spirit. Here, we share some ideas for how to best prepare…

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Are you worried that you, or a loved one may have an eating disorder? Our Peer Support Team have lived experiences of eating disorders and recovery.

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