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Are you caring for someone affected by an eating disorder?

Emily Rothwell – Lancaster University
Deadline July 2022

I am a Clinical Psychology Doctorate student at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. I am conducting this research as part of my thesis. The study aims to explore the emotions related to caring for people affected by eating disorders and involves completing an online survey, which is expected to take about 20 minutes to complete. You must be 18 years+ to take part in this study.

We know that caring for someone affected by an eating disorder is often very challenging. This study hopes to explore some of the emotions that may be associated with caregiving, as well as relevant reactions. We are aiming to understand whether certain attitudes and emotions have an impact on responses to caregiving. This could aid eating disorder services and support organisations to know how best to help caregivers.

If you decide to take part, you will be asked to first read and complete an online consent form. Following this, you will be asked to complete four online questionnaires. One questionnaire will be designed to gather a small amount of background information about yourself and the individual you care for. The following three questionnaires are designed to explore your experiences around caregiving. The questionnaires are expected to take about 20 minutes to complete in total. It is important to complete this in one sitting, to ensure that your data is not lost. You will not be asked to take part in any follow-up studies.

Click here for more information or to volunteer for this study, please contact Emily Rothwell at: e.rothwell@lancaster.ac.uk

The research is supervised by Professor Bill Sellwood at Lancaster University: b.sellwood@lancaster.ac.uk

This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Faculty of Health and Medicine Research Ethics Committee, Lancaster University.

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