E-course for fitness professionals

Personal trainers and fitness professionals can play an important role in improving health outcomes for people with eating disorders, by enabling early intervention and helping to prevent the serious consequences of further development.

While exercise is important for healthy living, it can become an obsession for those with eating disorders. People of all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and at any weight or body shape can be affected by disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders.
Physical activity and sporting environments can have a big influence on how people perceive their own bodies. Even if you are training people in a non-competitive environment, they may still be struggling with body image and eating.

Eating disorders can also have physiological implications which can put them at further risk when exercising, for example bradycardia, osteoporosis, muscle loss, cramps, fatigue, dizziness, and fainting.
If you would like to gain an understanding of eating disorders and how best to approach and support your clients, our introductory e-course can help.

Highly practical and interactive, this one-hour introductory level course is tailored to the needs of all types of fitness professional. Successful completion will:

  • Equip you to spot the signs and symptoms of the main eating disorders
  • Help you to understand the most appropriate ways to approach a client or gym member you are concerned about
  • Ensure you understand your duty of care towards clients when advising them on exercise and nutritional programmes
  • Provide information for signposting clients to further sources of expertise and support

“The course gave very useful tips and advice for fitness professionals – many of whom I’m aware are ‘scared’ of clients with eating disorders. I believe this course is an invaluable starting point to being a more useful and effective fitness professional in this client area.”

Price = £29